Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We offer Laptop Keyboard Replacement from £29.99, including fitting. A quality low cost service for Laptop Keyboard Replacement Repair in Warrington.

Most Laptop Keyboard Replacement jobs are completed within 48 hours*.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Warrington


Laptop keyboards can be faulty even if they do not appear to have been damaged.

A laptop keyboard can be faulty due to a number of reasons. This could be the result of dust gathering inside the keyboard or between the connections of the keyboard and the motherboard. Such, repairs can be completed within 24 hours*.

On the other hand, damaged keyboards due to liquid spillage or end of life failure require full laptop keyboard replacement. Most jobs of this type are completed within 48 hours. Starting from £29.99

Laptop keyboards can be faulty even if they have not been broken or damaged. In many cases, the keyboard may only have few non-functioning keys. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, for example, dust, damage due to repeated use, etc.

In such cases, the individual keys of the keyboard can be replaced. But, we always recommend a complete laptop keyboard replacement.

For example, the cost of key replacement of 4 damaged/non-working keys for an Acer laptop can be upto £20. Whereas, a full laptop keyboard replacement may be completed in £29.99


We specialise in Laptop Keyboard Replacement for all types of makes and models. For example:

Laptop Keyboard Replacement brand names

We also service brands such Akoya, Advent, Alienware and Medion.

Need Netboook Keyboard Replacement?

We also replace repair keyboards for Netbooks. Prices start from £29.99 including fitting.


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Our skilled team of technicians have over 30 years of experience between them. Our aim is to provide a fast, reliable and professional service. Click here to see what our customers say about our repair service.

We always recommend that such a repair should be carried out by a skilled and professional technician.

You will find many diy videos on sites such as YouTube. These videos instruct you on how to do laptop keyboard replacement. But, laptop spare parts tend to be extremely delicate and sensitive. Therefore, installation by an unskilled individual may cause damage to the part or your laptop.

Disclaimer: Any prices and timescales quoted are subject to stock availability and laptop models. All prices quoted are subject to a minimum service fee. For further information, please call and we will be happy to assist you.
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